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What's New

Between Peace and War

In collaboration with Société Radio-Canada.

A feature documentary in production on Canadians involved in international peace initiatives.

Between Peace and War will tell the stories of Canadians who are working to reduce armed conflict around the world. We will explore their vision, their motivation, their successes and failures as we travel with them to fragile states such as South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, Myanmar and the Middle East. Employing mediation, negotiation as well as innovative community initiatives, they are part of a new generation of front line civilian peace workers who are trying to reduce the deadly cycles of violence around the world.

Their work will be portrayed in the context of Canada’s historic role as a major contributor to UN mandated military peacekeeping missions – a role which has been significantly reduced in the last 20 years.

Between Peace and War is written and directed by Garry Beitel and produced by Barry Lazar.

Cricket in Parc-Ex

In collaboration with Canal D.

A one-hour documentary in development about Montreal’s South Asian community who live for their love of cricket.

The film will take us inside the daily life of Parc Extension – one of Canada’s poorest and most vibrant immigrant neighbourhoods.

Little known in Quebec, cricket has hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. For the young immigrant players – from Pakistan, India and the Caribbean – cricket is a buffer, an arena in which they can find success, dignity and community recognition as they slowly integrate into Quebec society. For their parents, especially their fathers, cricket is a way to stay connected to their sons’ lives and offers validation for the immigrant culture they fear is losing value in their adopted country.

Cricket in Parc-Ex is a film written and directed by Garry Beitel and produced by Barry Lazar.

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